Your pathway to success
Personal development coaching:

To truly master your ‘self’ and become a mentally powerful and strong person, you must have greater awareness of ‘self’ and connect with your purpose to create what you love. Your soul will be whispering these messages to you already. You may not hear the messages or be aware of them right now – but your ‘self’ has unknown potential, wisdom and capability to create everything that you dream about.

Using a blend of intuitive work, an ancient tool called the Enneagram (dating back to the 4th Century) and different coaching techniques, I take you on a journey to explore each aspect of your ‘self’. Navigating the map of your soul will give you a deeper understanding and awareness to your true ‘self’. I use the Enneagram to read your personality type and determine your beliefs – to share a new insight or perspective on your ego and identity. The result is that I can understand what you have been denying yourself and raise your awareness to how you may have sabotaged your life and repeat certain patterns of behaviour.

The Enneagram structure enables me to swiftly identify how your ego and shadow self plays out. True enlightenment – and your ultimate happiness – comes from a greater level of awareness of your ‘self’. The Ennegram is a great place to start that journey of ‘self’ discovery.

You may have experienced thoughts and feelings around not being worthy, not belonging or not being good enough. These are sadness based beliefs and every human being seems to have these beliefs at some point in their life – either in the past, right now or in the future. There are also beliefs around control, trust and capacity – these are fear based. Then the final trio are beliefs around being powerless, not capable or perfection (all anger based). Knowing where your dominant beliefs are and also how your ego unconsciously seeks evidence to prove the beliefs can be an incredibly powerful experience.