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Leadership Training
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If you’re keen to develop your skills  but you have a limited budget, you can opt for the two-day business skills training events. Workshops are targeted at specific development and maybe just what you and your team are looking for. You can select from a wide range of business training modules on the following topics…

Negotiate to Win

Discover how to consistently achieve win-win outcomes. negotiation is an important part of any successful sale, which is why you need to learn proper negotiation skills in order to stay in control of the sale and steer it towards your desired outcome. Once you understand these principles you’ll never fear a sale again and will be able to negotiate with confidence.

Pitching to Win

Learn the art of public speaking and gaining the confidence to effectively present your ideas and proposals.  whether it’s making a pitch to potential clients or to your own staff, you need to be able to speak and present with confidence and style if you’re to establish yourself as a serious business owner. Fortunately, the art of public speaking can be learnt by anyone, as we will prove to you. No matter how much you fear public speaking, we’ll transform you into a powerful, engaging speaker.

The Business of Body Language

First impressions count for so much in business. That’s why you need to understand the principles of body language, so potential clients and business partners immediately identify you as the kind of serious business person they want to work with. The things you’ll learn will have a positive impact on every aspect of your business life; from networking meetings to sales and presentations.  You’ll deepen your understanding of the art of non-verbal communication, so you know when to close and when to sell…

Customer Relationship Management

If your business is to keep growing, you need to know exactly how to acquire more of your ideal customers and turn them into loyal clients who offer you referrals and repeat business. We’ll show you exactly how to forge great working relationships with your customers.  You’ll learn how to secure and develop more customers and stay ahead of your competition.

Building a Successful Team

This programme has been specially created for business owners and managers who’re keen to get more out of their teams.If you’re running a growing business, you’ll inevitably need to hire staff. And that means you’ll need to develop proper leadership skills – one of the things business owners are typically offered far too little guidance on!

But that will change once you attend our two-day workshop on motivating your team and becoming a truly effective, inspiring leader.

Through the use of role-playing exercises, case studies and a fun, interactive workshop environment,  you’ll explore exactly what you need to do to unlock your team’s full potential. You’ll develop a coaching style of leadership that you can put into practice straight away, helping your team to become more productive, more successful and happier in their jobs.

By the end of the 2 day course you will have  developed your leadership skills and know how to build and motivate a winning team.

Coaching Skills

This is the fundamental building block to understanding how to improve performance and bring out the best in people – enabling them to reach their full potential.In the first day of Coaching Skills you will learn about the tools and practical steps to running coaching sessions, building rapport, using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and exploring the GROW coaching model.  All the tools you will need to get started.

During the second day you will explore new skills in relation to the importance of values, beliefs and motivation of individuals – in relation to goal setting.  There are plenty of practical exercises to follow and you will be learning in more depth about the core human needs and how these affect behaviour.  You will also be studying the ‘Wheel of Skills’ – which is a widely used tool in the coaching world.  You will be developing a coaching style to manage performance, unlock potential talent and maximise results in your team

Time Management

You’ll be exploring how to make better use of your time through proper time management skills and the power of delegating, outsourcing and automating anything that you don’t need to be handling yourself (you’ll be amazed how much easier this will make your business life!).  You’ll be learning effective ways of prioritising the tasks that will get results and achieve your outcome in line with your strategic objectivesOur business growth workshops are all about developing the specific skills possessed by all leading business owners.  The above training events are interactive two-day workshops for each of these different topics, so you’ll finish with a new selection of skills and insights that you can put into practice in your business straight away.

You can choose any number of topics to cover – you’ll only pay for the intensive training in the skills you need to grow your business. CONTACT US if you’d like to discuss any of these modules in detail or are unsure which options are right for you and your business.