Map Your Purpose

Create a Life you LOVE

Knowing what your purpose is can be really challenging and cause you many hours of searching for the wrong thing or following empty paths to find your bliss.

Using the unique process here, you can watch helpful tutorials about how to Map Your Purpose. You will have access to the unique Map Your Purpose model – empowering, directing and clarifying what steps you need to take to follow your bliss.

A completely innovative blend of the traditional principles of the Japanese philosophy of Ikigai, combined in harmony with the combination of alignment with your values. To truly reach your purpose and create a life you love, you will be exploring and discovering your truth around four key pillars.

The Four Key Pillars to Map Your Purpose:

Humility – blending your inner harmony between what you love and your values

Impact – moving you in the direction of greater fulfilment, understanding what the world around you needs

Limitations – overcoming your fear and resistance, to use your unique gifts and talents

Benevolence – the perfect combination of using your strengths to follow what your heart desires.

Watch the short intro video here: Intro Video (7 minutes) Follow your bliss and align your life to live your purpose…

Creating a life worth living…

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