Pattern of Sabotage

cracking the code of your unconscious mind

Liberate your soul
from the crushing impact
of your pattern of sabotage

Have you ever experienced unprecedented or unwarranted anger?

Have you ever experienced the emotion of sadness and were unable to ‘shake it off’?

Has fear ever stopped you or been so debilitating that you quit or gave up?

Whatever your circumstances or beliefs are, you will no doubt experience a form of sadness, fear or anger at some point.

Well, you are not alone. Every human being will experience emotional pain at some point, either self-inflicted or thrust upon them by ‘circumstances’. Your own example will be exclusive and personal to you, so no one is likely to experience your unique pattern of pain or sabotage. No one will understand your distinctive way of handling pain or your individual pattern of sabotaging behaviour. Very few people can identify how their own pattern of sabotage manifests – but virtually everyone has a pattern that causes them suffering.

Your unconscious ego will often set out to provide you with evidence that you are not good enough or it will seek to prove you are powerless in certain situations. Most of the time you will be unaware of the subtleties of your ego. Your unconscious mind has created an identity that you hide behind, a mask to fool others from the outside – a deceitful persona blinding you to what is truly going on; a silent and devious nemesis within, crushing your soul.

You create a perception of the world and spend your entire life trying to seek evidence to prove your viewpoint. And you will be completely unaware and unconscious to when you are doing it in a trance – a spell of muted but calculated precision, meticulously executed. The perfect storm of egoic sabotage.

Have you ever experienced conflict in a relationship?

Have you ever failed to achieve your vision or dreams?

Have you ever had a goal that was really important – but failed to get the desired result?

If you’ve ever experienced any form of self-sabotage, then you will know how painful that can be – for you and others that get impacted by your actions. On the one hand you want your dreams and goals to be fulfilled, yet – on the other hand – it feels at times like everything is a struggle and you have too many obstacles getting in your way. Your own resistance and struggle cause tension which arises when you know you are capable of more and want to transform your life – but you are totally unconscious to how your ego shows up to cause havoc in your life. The chaos may create frustration or anger for you – or possibly leaving you with fear, almost like you are out of control. At times you may feel sad or even depressed at not being able to achieve more – putting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own or simply withdrawing and separating.

Your pattern of sabotage is a sort of inimitable trap – where you almost have no choice, shit just happens! And then… you repeat the same behaviour or follow a distinct pattern that you have no control over – making the same mistakes or failing to set boundaries. That can be incredibly painful and distressing for you and those around you.

My valuable discovery was that the emotional pain I experienced was inevitable in my life – but the suffering it caused was optional. I was holding on to the pain and suffering, rather than rising above it. My emotional wound had opened, and I was vulnerable to the effects. My ego had repeatedly pursued a silent cause – to separate me from everything I loved, obsessed with proving (often time after time) that I was not good enough, not capable and filling my life with ineffective activity. My ego craved the need for safety and to keep me locked in survival mode. It isolated me from anything that may risk losing the discreet unconscious grip it had over me, covertly gathering evidence and surreptitiously distracting me from all that I was truly capable of creating. My ego was so powerful and controlling that it literally crushed my soul. There was no room for my dreams or vision; no time for my soul to express itself – a hushed whisper beneath the roar of my ego. Over time I had become an expert in self-sabotage!

tame your dragon...

The repeating behaviour and patterns you experience will carry on sabotaging your life and creating chaos, until you have a greater understanding and awareness of how your unconscious works. Only when you crack the code of your unconscious mind will you be able to reach beyond the limitations that hold you in a pattern of pain and suffering.

There are literally millions of ways for you to resolve your tension that often end up being dysfunctional. You may have positive methods such as jogging, keeping fit or going to the gym! These activities may resolve the physical tension and divert your energy into something productive. But these activities are seldom directed at living your purpose. Of course, there will always be exceptions, but far too often many people resolve tension with dysfunctional behaviour – for example: over-eating, getting angry, drinking too much, sloth and laziness, even seeming to help others whilst neglecting their own purpose! There are literally millions of ways to express your own dysfunctional behaviour.

What is included in the Pattern of Sabotage coaching programme?

You will be on a journey of discovery to learn a deeper understanding of yourself. During the programme you will be fully supported with learning and insights, whilst uncovering your unique unconscious pattern of sabotage. You will be exploring philosophy, psychology, ancient wisdom and advanced progressive techniques to learn:

    ✔ How the thoughts and emotions you have programmed impact you on a daily basis?

    ✔ What is the projection of your ego and identity that you portray to the outside world?

    ✔ What are your core beliefs that affect you and hold you back?

    ✔ What is keeping you locked down living with fear?

    ✔ What is preventing you from rising above the sadness inside?

    ✔ How you might be destroying relationships or end results by not overcoming your anger?

    ✔ The motivation and purpose behind your unconscious behaviour – awakening your soul to your higher purpose.

During the programme you experience a profound awakening and discover the pattern of your inner most unconscious mind, leading you to make more powerful choices and having greater clarity. Together we work out a plan of how you wish to live your life through happiness, joy, love and how to manifest your true purpose.

Included in the personal development programme you will receive a personalised digital report, detailing your unique pattern of the steps of sabotage – highlighting the motivation and purpose of each step. You will also receive more information about the beliefs in relation to the ancient wisdom contained in the Enneagram, highlighting greater depth to each belief that personally affect you. The report also contains personal recommendations that provide truly valuable guidance for you to overcome your pattern of sabotage and pivot your results.

Your individual 1:1 coaching sessions are every two weeks and each session is two hours – conducted on Zoom or over the phone. These intensive sessions are dedicated to your personal growth and highly transformational, insightful and supportive of your development. You will be learning more about how your subconscious and unconscious mind work – more importantly, how to rise above the constraints of your past.

What is expected from a person attending the Pattern of Sabotage coaching programme?

The requirements are simple:

✔  Be open and willing to explore your unconscious ego

✔  Attend each and every 1:1 coaching session

✔  Disclose in a confidential and vulnerable way

✔  You will be sharing your past – including specific significant events

✔  Be Coachable!

What is the result I can expect?

The awakening can lead you to a sense of enlightenment of your true self – you will know yourself and your personal blueprint in much greater depth than ever before. Cracking the code of your unconscious mind (the rules created for you to live your life) finally reveals the truth of who you are. You will have your dysfunctional pattern uncovered, exposing the hidden and multifaceted dysfunctional pattern your ego conceals from you. Your insightful coaching journey in personal development presents the exact steps you take unconsciously to sabotage your end results – the deepest level of self-awareness you can experience.

To gain the maximum benefit and guarantee your own success you must be willing to explore your dysfunctional patterns of behaviour, which requires you to be vulnerable and honest. You will be fully supported and anything that causes you suffering will be handled with kindness and compassion during the sessions. If you want to be healed of your past suffering, you must be ready to let go of your unconscious pattern and be free of the behaviour that previously defined you. Your soul will be liberated.

What do others say about working with Damian on the Pattern of Sabotage coaching programme?

“If you’re interested in your own development and awareness of yourself, not only for your own well-being for the well-being of those around you, it’s eye opening, it brings so much value and you’ll be so happy that you did it.”

Raymond H, Surrey, UK

“I think that his extensive professional training and his own personality provide a great mix and resource from which you can learn a lot about yourself and life and from which you can grow.”

Peter B, Surrey, UK

How do you start on the journey to understand who you truly are?

To raise your awareness and discover more about your unconscious behaviour, the first step is registering on the Programme. You can do that by clicking on the button below.