Pattern of Sabotage



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Cracking the Code of your unconscious mind – the ultimate in personal growth  

You are guaranteed to know the following enlightening discoveries by the end of this programme:

> Tame Your Dragon: You will gain the most valuable understanding of why your emotional pain causes you to suffer at the deepest level. Uncover the mystery of how your unconscious pattern of sabotage is triggered, then learn to overcome your emotional wound so you no longer have to be defined by your past.

> Embrace the Truth: Your unconscious creates a ‘Map of Chaos’ and to crack the code of your unconscious mind requires a cryptic deciphering of your unique pattern. By the end of the programme you will have a blueprint of your unique dysfunctional pattern that is silently working 24/7.

> Liberate Your Soul: Your ego has a firm grip over your soul and causes you to feel separated – your unconscious mind has literally become the master. Your ego overpowers you by hypnotising you to believe you are not good enough, convincing you that you are not worthy or that you do not belong. Through raising awareness of how your unconscious ego is sabotaging your results, enables you to liberate your soul.

This is a truly enlightening moment in personal growth. The access points in your unique blueprint will enable you to pivot your results and turnaround your unconscious patterns of behaviour – healing your suffering.



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