Transformational Thinking

Your pathway to success
transformational thinking
What will you get when working with me? 

When you work with me you will be on a journey of discovery to learn a deeper understanding of yourself. During the programme I will fully support you with learning and insights, whilst uncovering your unique unconscious pattern of sabotage. You will be exploring philosophy, psychology, ancient wisdom and advanced progressive techniques to learn:

  •  How the thoughts and emotions you have programmed impact you on a daily basis?
  • What is the projection of your ego and identity that you portray to the outside world?
  • What are your core beliefs that affect you and hold you back?
  • What is keeping you locked down living with fear?
  • What is preventing you from rising above the sadness inside?
  • How you might be destroying relationships or end results by not overcoming your anger?
  • The motivation and purpose behind your unconscious behaviour – awakening your soul to your higher purpose

You will experience a profound awakening of your inner most unconscious mind, leading you to make more powerful choices and having greater clarity. Together we work out a plan of how you wish to live your life through happiness, joy, love and how to manifest your true purpose.

The awakening can lead you to a sense of enlightenment of your true self – you will know yourself and your personal blueprint in much greater depth than ever before. You will know the rules your unconscious ego made up for you to live your life. You will know the exact steps you take unconsciously to sabotage your end results – the deepest level of self awareness you can experience.

Included in the personal development programme you will receive a digital on-line report, detailing your unique pattern of the steps of sabotage – highlighting the motivation and purpose of each step. You will also receive more information about the beliefs in relation to the ancient wisdom contained in the Enneagram, highlighting greater depth to each belief that personally affect you. The report also contains personal recommendations that provide truly valuable guidance for you to overcome your pattern of sabotage


Included in the Healing Suffering Programme:

In addition to the above personal development you will also gain access to the 10 day on-line quest to take a deeper dive into 7 key areas of your life:

1. Mindset – getting the attitude right is the starting point to give you the best possible chance of success. In this topic you will be laying the foundations and learning the fundamentals to give you a strong base to build upon.

2. Overcoming Interference – in this part of the quest you will be understanding what blocks you, where the obstacles are in your life and how to overcome barriers in your life. This two part lesson is critical to your success – without the awareness of what can stop you or prevent you, most people will fail.

3. Transformational Thinking – how do you ensure you can implement changes in your thinking or behaviour to learn how to overcome ingrained habits. Spread over two lessons, the valuable insights support you in how to adapt and embrace new thoughts and behaviour. Practical tips and tricks to support you to assimilate the new thinking.

4. Creativity and Connectedness – The essential part to creating a new and best version of yourself is to explore and connect with your higher self. Using advanced and progressive techniques to discover how to tap into higher sources of inspiration, access your intuitive mind and raise your vibrational energy to empower you to achieve your ideal vision. Tapping in to the infinite intelligence and accessing the quantum field of the universe

5. Healing – overcoming past emotional events or trauma to be free from the negative psychological wounds you experienced from your former relationships, developing the resilience to rise above the impact these events had on you. Without addressing these events or healing, you will continue to suffer and be affected by the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that hold you back emotionally.

6. Alignment – the final part of the online quest is how to identify what your true purpose is and keep you on track with what you wish to manifest and create in the universe. Your quest finishes with a powerful visioning exercise to pull together all the lessons from the ten part programme.

7. Mastery – discovering all the techniques and tools you will need to master your journey to creating a life you love. An ongoing commitment to your growth to continue your success and step into your power. It takes over 10,000 hours to master a talent or connect to your effortless flow. If you decide to resort to your old ways or continue with bad habits or sabotaging behaviour, you will remain stuck in a life that you are unconscious to creating your end results – which is disempowering.


As part of the healing suffering programme you also have exclusive access to an on-line meditation library, inspired by internationally acclaimed specialists in mindfulness – including:

A. You will learn how to use my exclusive 3 phase meditation programme

B. Online access to all the guided meditations you need for all areas of your life.

Meditations include:

i. overcoming conflict

ii. overcome past emotional or psychological incidents

iii. Rise above your fear, anger and sadness

iv. Connect to higher vibrational energy

v. gain greater clarity and focus

vi. Create and meet with your personal guru

vii. Daily meditation techniques

viii. How to create more happiness

ix. How to heal yourself and others through your meditation

How do you start on the journey to understand who you truly are?

To raise your awareness and discover more about your unconscious behaviour, the first step is registering on the Programme. You can do that by calling this number: +44 (0) 7919 522246 or email me today at: